About Us

When you met your girls to shop and immediately noticed that your attendant kinda looked like Jacob Black, what did your friends say? “WTF!?” When you drove down the freeway with your sister and you snuck a peek in the silver Volvo next to you to see if Edward was driving, what did she say? “WTF?!” When you asked your boyfriend to wear glitter so he can sparkle in the sun, we know exactly what he said to you.. “WTF?!”

Well, we say WTF is right. What the Forks? is a Twilight blog brought to you by your favorite set of girlfriends to gossip with over dinner and a glass of wine. Pull up a chair and indulge with us! Like a good girlfriend, we never leave you out of the loop. We’ll make sure you hear the latest news, stories, and gossip that is everything Twilight. What The Forks? is the perfect answer to that “WTF?” question you get when you tell your “other” friends how much you love the Twilight series.


26 responses to “About Us

  1. Can I just say..That this is the most amazing blog I have ever come in counter with. **Applause Ladies! Thanks for fulfilling our Twilight Obsessions, or Nerdiness as I’ve been called. (Haters) It is nice to read good posts about what is going on in the Twilight world! šŸ™‚ And where I get to cuddle up and read the posts of my “other” husband..Edward! haha! Nice job!

  2. i just stumbled upon your site and I must say it’s so awesome! Will you ladies be attending Twicon?

  3. when are you all going to Forks?…lol

  4. have u seen The Haunted Airman with Rob..


  5. hey ladies just thought i wud let u now that i posted a wee blog bout ur killer sweet site!!


  6. i posted a blog bout ur site ladies….i love ur page


  7. You girls are fucking awesome full stop.

    I wish I wish I could join on the road to WTF Vancouver,
    I’d bring the Tim Tams. yeah boi.
    :] mwa

  8. I just want to say that I am absolutely in love with Robert Pattinson. I love your blog. I wish that I could go on a road trip to Vancouver. It would be cool, but Vancouver is like 3,000 miles from me. That sucks. Anyway, hope you guys have fun on the trip. By the way, I am 30 years old and there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving this movie the books and the actor.
    Keep up the great blog…..

  9. heloo I work with one of your friends that told me about your blog and I love it. She was right it is bloody fantastic!! Keep up the great work girls!

  10. dude are you guys going to comic con?! cause my brother and brother in law go every year and my sister was telling me i should go with them! and i’m REALLY thinking about going! lol

  11. lets all go to Twicon inTexas…lol

  12. god I love this

  13. Oh wow, I’m so glad I found this blog. I’m just getting hooked now, better late than never!

  14. this is the best twilight site fo realzz!
    i go on it whenever i can to get all my twilight gossip
    thank ladies for keeping me entertained at school when i am meant to be doing work šŸ˜‰

    team edward for life! =D

  15. I SWEAR TO GAWDDDDD this website changed my life! LMAO NO GASSSS! ā¤ ILY LADIES!

  16. U’se r awesome!!

    Good luck guys!!

  17. Hey, love your blog, lets link?


  18. wow, im basically an idto. [in-denial-twilight-obsesser]. xD i havent really gotten a chance to go through your site, but i will! šŸ˜€ and your coming to canada? WOOT, i welcome you then. i live in ontario so, i guess there wont be any visiting.. anyhoo. just saying, new to the whole twilight thing so ill shut up read your blogs now. šŸ™‚

  19. buckin edward is my dream

    i want him even when i say his name he reminds me off a big trann

  20. buckin edward is my dream

    it really is my dream to buck edd he makes me hot and i am so glad you girls feel the same way i love hime more than mee and i love my self every much omg but edd is so hot if i ever see hime i would shout HIYA SEXY LEGS am happy you all feel the same way a fell like i can talk to some one now about me orgazims

    i love you always eddie xxxxxxxxx

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