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I actually remembered to do my photo this morning!
I’ve been such a bad with doing my TGIF photo…I think it’s been almost a month.

anyways…… birthday weekend starts today after work!

Twilight cake here I come!



i had to be as descreet as possible when taking this photo because i’m running on a tight deadline at work and can’t be caught WTFkng around. i just got this envelope necklace from urban and when you open – there’s a little slate letter! need something twilight inspired to replace it… hmmm…

hmmm anyone have a tiny photo of jackson i can slip in here? =P

hmmm anyone have a tiny photo of jackson i can slip in here? =P



u know what day it is!!!

the mayor – me and my shoes. this is what i ended up with after 516357981357 pics of my face. hahaha

1 002



I definitely should’ve opted for a padded bra or sumthn today ‘cuz I got the chest of a 9 year old boy in this pic, but whatever just like Lawn’s shirt says Fuck the rest! Anyway, see yall tomorrow –  LADIES FIND A SITTER, I PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

2009-08-14 09.49.14


Miss Lawn Cullen

DooWa signin in for Lawn here ‘cuz she’s being held for ransom in the confines of her design studio. Doesn’t she look the most thrilled? Relaaax, u act like u ain’t just dropped the line of the season 🙂

Photo 72



cutie kaezel!

cutie kaezel!

Lauren, i want one!

Lauren, i want one!

T.I. - chillin out on her back porch :)

T.I. - chillin out on her back porch 🙂

OMGGGGGG!!! we heart ALL WTFab babies!

Hugs! Hope you like it! Baby Ellison Esme Violet - 2 months old :0) -- A.

Hugs! Hope you like it! Baby Ellison Esme Violet - 2 months old :0) -- A.




Bella’s Corsage

promOk Twi-hards…I need some help asap.

My birthday is approaching (this sunday the 16th) and part of my ensemble will be rockin a corsage all day long. Now I couldn’t just get ANY corsage….I decided I wanted to mimic the one Bella wore to prom.

But I don’t remember what hers was made of…

so help a girl out.

The Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

Today’s Twilight buzz is all about The Teen Choice Awards, so lets talk about my favorite part…the fashion.

Ashley Greene totally stole the show with her vintage inspired look. I’m really in love with the corset esque top with the floral print bottom. I also like how her bag and shoes aren’t so matchy matchy. All in all, fabulous look for her.

Kristen Stewart was my second fav…sorry super fans, I can’t always be favoring her. I liked her vampy dark look, and it’s nice to see her in something other than Converse. Also very impressed with what’s going on with her hairstyle. I’m sure it’s pretty hard to manage that mullet into looking stylish, but they did a great job.Her entire ensemble really fit her personal style.

Onto my least favorite…Nicki Reed…WTForks what she thinking? Although I’m not a huge fan of her, I will say she has a rocking body. So why did she choose this dress? She should of gone with something more form fitting, and a totally different color. That dress washed her out, and did anyone notice her legs being a diff color than her entire body/face? And that hair?! Is it prom circa 97? The bag and the shoes were a little too edgy for that tea party inspired dress.

My vote is for Ashley Greene…what about you?

oohhh PFach….you so funny

His tweets seriously crack me up….can’t get enough.


Good Afternoon RPatz

It’s been a while since I just posted up some RPatz eye candy….



You think we’re crazy?!

Ok….so lots of people think we’re crazy cause of our Vampy love…but honestly, this takes the cake.

Read the story here….

and then come back and read the rest of the post.

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Twilight X Etsy

Etsy is probably one of my favorite websites, I could seriously get lost in it for hours.

So naturally, I decided to pair up my favorite thing to see what I could find. It was pretty interesting to say the least.
There was 600+ pages of Twilight related items…

Jacob’s Wolf Fang
” I knew instantly that it was Jacobs wolf fang!”
oh my.

Renesmee’s Locket
I actually like this item…I’d totally rock it.

Cullen Crest Earrings
Cute….but not for me, a little too cheesy.

Lion & Lamb Pouches
I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE these!!!!

Jasper Soap
the ONLY way I’d be buying this if it meant Jackson would wash me down with it.

Vampire Fangs Necklace
I really like this necklace.

Twilight Inspired Tutu
I don’t really get the correlation…but I REALLY want it.

Oh the magical world of Etsy….some of the stuff was pretty cool, and the rest was sorta corny.

But this definitely wins for the creepiest handmade Twilight thing ever…..