soooo…  Twilight news is boring today so i’ve decided to give you some WTF updates instead.

– looking at flights to reunite with my other WTFly ladies for the New Moon premiere.  yes, we all plan on being together and yes, we’re all watching the movie as a unit.   we are planning something BIG for you guys so stay tuned.

– we received more tees courtesy of 5&aDime for this weekend’s Movie Night.  for those of you who dont win one, you can buy one on Saturday!  HOLLA!

– we are SO ready for movie night its not even funny.   im cookin up white chocolate chex mix in lieu of popcorn, we got mini cupcakes with your name on em, and drink specials like Volturi Vodka and Cran, Sex on Isle Esme (sex on the beach), and Victorias (Red Headed Sluts!) tell ur livers to stay ready cuz we gettin WTFaded.  partake!

p.s. seating is limited so get there early.!


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