maria mariaaaaaa!

now if this lil latin ball of cute doesn’t suit your fancy for maria (the one who “recruited” jasper -yay!- to create her own army in eclipse) then i don’t know who will. actually, no, i lie. does she look just a LIL too sweet and innocent for maria? or is that just me having to read eclipse over again to get the full scope. could be me.

Catalina Sandino Moreno


GAWD i can’t wait for eclipse!!!! more J-ACTION!!!! woohooo!

via ETonline


just found this other photo of catalina, columbian born, badabing! WHOA, not THAT’s more like it!



3 responses to “maria mariaaaaaa!

  1. i like her..but i pictured her to look a little older.

  2. I keep forgetting they’ve all these parts still to cast. She looks like a great choice anyway! Very pretty, yet looks a bit deadly in the last photo. Loving it.

  3. ok..this picture is way better! Shes perfect! I’m so excited!!!!!

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