WTForks Represent!!!

Over the weekend, me and my girl Alycia from MTV’s, Daddy’s Girls did a live broadcast via ustream, during one of her promo photo shoots. I was a bit nervous at first but then BetseyJ jumped on to chat followed by The Mayor & Yoshi… next thing you know WTForks took over and we were chattin’ vampires, Team Jacob vs. Team Edward, fangs, and Twilight vs. True Blood. Luckily, Alycia is as obsessed w/ vamps as we are so she was definitely in the loop… for those watching, you were lucky enough to check out her nails w/ lil’ vampires on them, super cute!!!

Here’s Alycia showin’ off her WTForks earring

Picture 1

Of course I had to toss up the dubs before signing off…

Picture 4

Be on the look out for the WTFly ladies on ustream coming soon!!!


3 responses to “WTForks Represent!!!

  1. you guys have your own blanket now?

  2. Pingback: wink wink

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