too hot for tv

Who else couldn’t take it how frickin’ hot RPatz and Megan Fox looked together at the Teen Choice Awards?! I mean seriously… my tv nearly burst into flames when they walked up to accept their “Hotties” award.

… and how cute was RPatz’ acceptance speech?! And how nice of him to recognize the WTFly hotties, hehe.

“I really appreciate it. I have to say, the hottest teens of the year are Twilight fans!”


Gaahhh… and it’s killing me to see that hand of hers around his waist!!!


6 responses to “too hot for tv

  1. hah its like porn rob and foxy together BUT her claws were already on my Shia she needs to take them off rob :-p

  2. ditto. i love megan. and yall KNOW i love rob.


    thank u have a nice day.

  3. Thank goodness she prefers not to date men her age. I, as well, love them both but not together. We already got too hot for tv Brangelina. But after being all up on him at the awards, she’ll probably end up retracting her statement about him as Miley Cyrus did.

  4. I’ve never liked her. She seems like such stuck up little snot.

  5. hate both

  6. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA I HATE megan oh ilove rob pattz damn he looooks great JUST LOOOOOK HER SHE IS UGLY UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH

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