The Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

Today’s Twilight buzz is all about The Teen Choice Awards, so lets talk about my favorite part…the fashion.

Ashley Greene totally stole the show with her vintage inspired look. I’m really in love with the corset esque top with the floral print bottom. I also like how her bag and shoes aren’t so matchy matchy. All in all, fabulous look for her.

Kristen Stewart was my second fav…sorry super fans, I can’t always be favoring her. I liked her vampy dark look, and it’s nice to see her in something other than Converse. Also very impressed with what’s going on with her hairstyle. I’m sure it’s pretty hard to manage that mullet into looking stylish, but they did a great job.Her entire ensemble really fit her personal style.

Onto my least favorite…Nicki Reed…WTForks what she thinking? Although I’m not a huge fan of her, I will say she has a rocking body. So why did she choose this dress? She should of gone with something more form fitting, and a totally different color. That dress washed her out, and did anyone notice her legs being a diff color than her entire body/face? And that hair?! Is it prom circa 97? The bag and the shoes were a little too edgy for that tea party inspired dress.

My vote is for Ashley Greene…what about you?


12 responses to “The Leading Ladies

  1. nikki nikki nikki – you shoulda worn a SLAMMIN dress to match them shoes!!! dress did nothing for her already broad shoulders – but yo – how i would kill to have her body – or kstew’s =/

  2. i gotta go with ashley as my favorite twilight fashionista as well. she is a real life pixie in that dress. it’s alice-inspired 😉

    kstew looks adorable also. i usually love whatever she wears simply because she really doesn’t give a fck what anyone else thinks, which is a rarity in the entertainment industry.

    nikki…meh. gorgeous girl, so she manages to look stunning anyway, but the dress doesn’t flatter her at all. also, maybe it’s just the lighting in that photo, but nikki’s legs look a shade or two darker than her top half…faux tan gone bad? lol

  3. Ashley! I love that’s she’s always dressed girly and sophisticated, but I did love seeing Kristen in a dress and heels too!

  4. my fave is ashley’s look but then again i haven’t seen her do me wrong as of yet so i’d have to say it’a a tie between her and kristen because we don’t normally see her so done up and she looks good. i haven’t seen her look this fab since that red orange-ish dress she wore on the red carpet last time.

  5. I love Ashley Greene’s style. She is definitely the winner of the 3.

    I would kill for Nikki’s body though! I don’t know what she was thinking wearing that—total FAIL!!

  6. well we all know im limited in my own fashion BUT i still can tell what looks good and what doesnt. like 5 freakin thumbs down for Nikki – who to blame? her stylist or her, shes not blind after all.

    I think Kristen and Ashley tie for 1st! they both killed it in their own ways. Two different styles completely like comparing apples and oranges. But both look great!

  7. That dress definitely did wash Nikki out and Kristen’s outfit suits her very much. I wonder if it was annoying to sit with the spikes in her dress.

    You can never go wrong with Ashley’s vintage style. I truly think she’s becoming Twilight’s female sex symbol.

  8. AHHHHH! OMG!!! Did you guys see Ashley’s naked pics!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    OMG! Their obviously taken long time ago but OMG!

    it’s on Perez!

  9. KStew, I love her style. She looks awesome and doesn’t really care about wearing top designers and all that stuff. It’s just whatever she likes.

    I like Ashley, but I when I look at what she wears for events, she’s not my fave. It’s like something is missing, I can’t quite place it, she looks cute but something is not right. I don’t know if I explained myself, but yeah, KStew 🙂

  10. i wish kristen wore that dress w/ out that tank underneath… obviously w/ some boobie tape to keep the girls in place… it would’ve looked sooooooo much more sexy. as far as ashley and nikki, i think they look ‘ight

  11. I’m with you…all the way. Ashley is the best, then Kristen and i dont like Nikki’s outfit at all!!!

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