my time with the J-Bone, Christian Serratos, and Alex Mraz…

oh and of course my few seconds with the P Fach!

i’ll just give you a quick play by play action with the cast members i met at twicon:

day 1: after reelz wrapped up a bunch of blogger interviews, i was able to hold some impromptu “chats” with sage, bobby long, marcus foster and sam bradley after their sets during the VIP Christian Serratos party.

day 2: got to chat with Christian Serratos (so pretty) and a few more musical guests at twicon…

christian serratos!!! she had to bend down to my height lol

christian serratos!!! she had to bend down to my height lol

afterward, i had the chance to catch up with the boys from 100 monkeys and YES, this DID include jackson rathbone =). we ended up listening in during their sound check too! but before that, i got to “chat” with TNR – the national rifle band. they are all sorts of awesome:

during TNR’s soundcheck, the boys from 100 monkeys come strolling in, hyped as ever and i wave hello to ben g and the rest of the guys (as if i’d known them forever lol) and jackson looks over with the “uhm, should i know you too?” look. LMAO. check check:

the “chat” with 100 monkeys was so fun. the guys were warm and hilarious. jackson had a fresh southern accent, jerad’s smile was endearing, the bens (one quiet one NOT quiet lol) and uncle larry. i told them about my accident and they were truly concerned – while i thought to myself “whew, at least now they know i don’t normal look like fkn two-face/terminator!”

100 monkeys et moi - oooh uncle larry

100 monkeys et moi - oooh uncle larry

day 3: Q&A sesh with the cast (click here for full post) and right after twicon held a limited seating meet and greet! about 25 tables that held 6-8 people. kristen and i snagged some seats since we couldn’t really cover anything.

first up was billy burke. he wanted to know how we were feeling about the events and the schedules etc. he really wanted to know if we were having a good time, if not, why. he’s one of those guys you can picture well… he’s JUST like charlie lol.

next up was christian. she remembered me and asked how i was feeling (what with my face and all) and told me i was going to heal up fine – too sweet. she was having fun and she told me to send her WTForks stuff =)

jackson moseyed on over to our table next and chatted with the other fans while i held back (i already had my chance anyway). he finally looked over my way and we chatted some more and asked if i got any more interviews etc etc. such a charmer.

after jackson left, i felt a large hand graze my head (the shaved side) and a voice saying “i like your hair!” and BAM, alex mraz sits right down – lol. kristen says “OMG, you just got pawed by a wolf!” – he’s hot. =P

oh and then p fach came running by and gave me a pound! lol

that night we went to hang out and watch TNR and 100 monkeys again. i got to chat with jackson at the after party as well as share a few more laughs with the guys from both bands. called it a night.



after party

after party

day 4: scored one last chat with j-bone. i was tired and naibe did so awesome with her interview i was sure she asked everything we wanted to know! but then again, how could i not pass up another opp to chat with him? it was fun and pretty hilarious especially since we had just seen each other the night before. i’m really hoping reelz does some heavy editing bc i think i sounded like a spazz! HAHAHAHA




For all updates from TWICON, just search “twicon” in our search option on the right (sorry, too many links to link).


2 responses to “my time with the J-Bone, Christian Serratos, and Alex Mraz…

  1. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ALEX MRAZ!!! REALLY??? REALLLY??? JEEEZE. im sooooo jealous. girl u know i woulda lost it.
    so u team Jake yet?? after seeing one of the hottest members of the wolf pack up close in all his sexy glory!!

  2. lol “And here is candy”

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