You think we’re crazy?!

Ok….so lots of people think we’re crazy cause of our Vampy love…but honestly, this takes the cake.

Read the story here….

and then come back and read the rest of the post.

In love with a transformer??!?!!?! WTF?!?!!

He’s an effin cartooooon character! Seriously cannnot be compared to our love for EC at all.

It’s official that everyone needs to stop thinking we’re crazy when it comes to Twi-love.


19 responses to “You think we’re crazy?!


  2. LOL

  3. oh gosh this really takes the cake! poor girl though

  4. :O um….i have to agree with Dina. This one takes the cake.

    and omg. i actually let myself go their between marble wang and plastic wang, just because i don’t see how that would work! LMAO!

  5. That’s just really negative and hypocritical.

  6. I agree with Choco. This was pretty fuckin’ ignorant of you guys to post.

    I mean, you realise Edward’s at the same fictionality level as Optimus Prime, right? Get over yourselves and fuck off.

  7. that kinda creeped me out o_O

  8. Guys, Guys i think everyone should calm down!

    everyone has a right to speak there own opinions so you shouldn’t have a go at the guys of WTForks!

    and i would like to add a point to this arguement; Back in the day, the ‘older’ women used to be obssessed with characters like danny from ‘grease’ or mr darcy from ‘pride and prejudice’ even til this very day.
    so i put this to you what is different about our love of twilight to anothers love of another fictional character.
    P.s. totally love you guys at WTForks! 😀 x

    • ‘everyone has a right to speak there own opinions’

      Exactly so. And I stand by my opinion that the people who run this blog are drooling, feeble minded, ignorant little cunts who need to get a grip on their ego inflated heads ASAP … Not to mention a grip on reality.

      And I’m not just talking about their love for a fictional character, either. 😉

  9. WOW
    at least all of us twihards can laugh at ourselves for obsessing over this shit – L.M.A.O. – ppl can be SO sensi!
    and thank you bethany =)

  10. ladies it’s ok, edward cullen flew through my window at roughly 3am and told me Optimus Prime doesn’t mind the attention at all and knows we love him dearly. i had breakfast with the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms boxes and he said he had the SAME conversation with the Easter Bunny just the other day and they both agreed! I’m meeting up with Betty Boop and Lionel from Thundercats later, hopefully they can contribute to the discussion!

  11. cunts? i love that word. thanks for noticing that i have a vagina..! i’m off to take my cunt and my inflated ego to the Rock the Bells concert. maybe I’ll stop by the drug store on the way there and pick u up some vagisil. i may be a cunt, but you obviously have a butthurt. =)

    and i’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!

  12. laughing my fucking cunt off!!!!

    this shit is HILARIOUS.

    yo – maybe SHE’S the one who sent that email to deer doe?!?!

  13. Yes, Rachel. Yes, Abi. We’re all challenged and refreshed by your unique points of view.

    But perhaps I was wrong to call you girls ‘cunts’ … Considering all of you clearly lack the depth and warmth.

    I apologise most profusely. 🙂

    I’ll let you get back to your lovely online lives now — Attending shitty hip hop ‘concerts’ in the time you can manage to peel yourself away from your computer doesn’t count, by the by! 😉

  14. Edward Cullen is less realistic then Optimus will ever be.

    Seriously this is the most Hypocritical thing I have EVER seen! You Obsess over a Creepy Stalker who SPARKLES and you’re Bashing someone who aspires to a Character who fights for the good of the Universe!? GET OVER YOURSELF!

    Mallory, please shoot me before I have to listen to any more of these TwiTARDS verbal shit.

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