New Born Casted!

Jodelle Ferland, the creepy kid in Silent Hill has been casted to play a newborn vampire in Eclipse. While the exact vampire she will be playing hasn’t been confirmed, she is suspected to play the most prominent newborn Bree. I think this kid totally has that “Oh look I’m sweet and cute and innocent come here so I can suck your brains out of your head through your eyeballs,” look down. But maybe that’s because I’ve watched Silent Hill and played the video game and think she played the part well. She also kinda reminds me of a young Kristen Kreuk. What do yall think?


6 responses to “New Born Casted!

  1. the pics won’t show up 😦

  2. oh eff yes!!!! i LOVVVVVVE HERRR!!!! woo excited

  3. Yeah i think she’ll be good as Bree (who else would she play?)

    And yeah totally looks like a young Kristen K

  4. I agree…she just has that I’m sweet and will kill you with a smile look.

  5. Yeah, this is good news. Wasn’t she a fan favourite to play Jane originally?! Anyway she looks like she could scare the sh*t outta me…man Eclipse is gonna be unreal…hopefully

  6. wait…which one is bree again? omg dont stone me for asking. lol

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