because i’m now TEAM JACKSON

oh i mean TEAM JASPER i will flood the site with everything jackson… jasper.

he talks about going “method” during the birthday (tempted to throw in the song title starting with an “s” ending with an “ex”) scene… ooooh baby! i wish he’d be attacking me… i’d let him take me downtown charlie brown!

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3 responses to “because i’m now TEAM JACKSON

  1. Oh God…he is so cute! I been on team Jackson a long time ago

  2. caelastonehouseā™„

    GO TEAM JASPER. Its funny to see him in the movies and when you read about his character and then see him in real life. Thats when you know how good of an actor they really are.

  3. With all this talk about Team Jackson/Jasper, I’ve been constantly wondering why, that was until last night when I came across the end of Chapter 19 in Twilight (my third time reading the saga). “Jasper and I looked at each other. He stood across the length of the entryway from me … being careful. ‘You’re wrong, you know, ‘ he said quietly. ‘What?’ I gasped. ‘I can feel what you’re feeling now – and you ARE worth it.’ ‘I’m not,’ I mumbled. ‘If anything happens to them, it will be for nothing.’ ‘You’re wrong,’ he repeated, smilingly kindly at me.” Just reading and typing the passage now makes my heart melt for Jasper, such a troubled vampire, trying to fight what is naturaly so to be like the rest of the Cullens, and yet, he says that. SIGH.

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