then and now.

did i mention that our intern is the SHIT.  thanks T.I. for finding this picture!   shows the difference between how our fave characters looked in Twilight, and how they will look in New Moon.  Which director got it right?   Not Catherine thats for DAMMN SURE.



19 responses to “then and now.

  1. I think the new director made Esme look like…well…TOTALLY not sweet and innocent hahahaha Catherine did a good job, but Chris just gave me some new twiporn to drool over! LOL

  2. Definitely New Moon for me 🙂

  3. yowwza i love this! with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 people who don’t look worse, just kinda the same they all have improved vastly. and yah t.i. esme looks all seductive and shit i swear in twilight she looked like an old lady haha. my 2 fave improvements are rosalie (she looks more like the ridiculously gorgeous cullen she’s sposed to be in the book) aaaand the DILF Dr. Cullen! His hair! THank God they went nice and easy on the “Nice and easy” hair dye instead of dipping his head in bleach and then his face in chalk. wooot is it nov yet?

  4. That is what a bigger budget gets you!

  5. i think ALL of them so much better for new moon – EXCEPT for edward hahahahha – i STILL thinks he looks too old and STILL not feeling his sideburns hahahahahahaha. but whatever, i’d still hit that. but uhm JASPER… yea….. we all know how i love me some jbone now…

  6. Victoria looks insane…okay well they all do 🙂 Obviously I know that Weitz got it right but to be fair to Catherine she was working on a minuscule budget so she done well with what she had….Jasper looks like a different person, Bella looks less innocent which is rather strange but whatever I guess…Kristen Stewart is still HOT! Esme looks damn fine too. Why they bothered to straighten Alice’s hair is beyond me as it’s meant to be short and spiky. It’s like the R-rated advert for the United Colours of Benneton :p

  7. wow they now they REALLY look like vamps! New Moon HANDS DOWN!!!

  8. Wow! I knew they looked better in New Moon but seeing them side-by-side like this just amplifies for me how bad they looked in Twilight.

  9. Victoria looks WONDERFUL. and esme. holy shit she looks like a fucking vampire instead of carol brady. and the dilf. HELLO.

  10. Wow, I think I have to go with New Moon. All the vampires definitely look a tad more sinister and it doesn’t look like anyone’s lips are slathered with lipstick.

  11. wow, this is so stellar! seeing the comparisons side by side really blows the twilight makeup artistry out of the water. i’m gonna go with new moon also. esme looks totally hot. they all look much more edgy, you can see that glimmer of evil now :).

    i will say however, that i prefer the twilight version of alice over the new moon version of alice. alice, in my mind’s vision, is more of a pixie like character than a vamp. i like the twilight alice because it looks like you could slap a pair of faerie wings on her and she’d look like she danced straight outta the moonlit forest from a midsummer night’s dream. that’s how alice always looked in my imagination as i was reading the books. that being said, ashley greene certainly captures her bubbly personality perfectly!

    • yah i wanted to write that i liked alice better in twilight as well but got lazy haha. the twilight pic captures the “bouncy, friendly, pixie” alice way better. and i see laurent got his dreads hightlighted hahaha woot!

  12. I’m digging the New Moon group…I think part of it is the “golden” color scheme instead of the drab stone gray color scheme helps a lot too…the grayness made everyone look kind of dusty and drab…the golden-ness (is that a word?) make everything brighter and a little more “alive.”
    Oh & Victoria looks badass!

  13. It’s getting me back on track for New Moon!! So excited!!!!!!!

  14. i definitely don’t like the new alice, jasper is ok, maybe he’s new look suits better for new moon, i don’t like either of the emmett’s looks,but i definitely like the new Bella and Edward.

  15. new moon all the way

  16. The color scheme helps a LOT, ’cause since Twilight had a blue tint to it, they looked colder and more pale. Now with this warm and gold colors they look much better. They look fab, except for Jasper…don’t get me wrong I like Jasper a lot, it’s just before he looked different and mysterious. Now he just looks freaky…

    I LOVE Esme and Victoria! They look so hot and sexy!! Alice looks great too, I just wished they had kept her original hair. Now she has the true fashion style she’s supposed to have but the hair is wrong. So I’m going with New Moon, but keeping in mind that there is more $$$$ this time around 🙂

  17. i thought that the cullen family looked ridiculous in twilight. it was obvious that they were vampires the first time you saw them! i thought they werew suppose to blend in! but now in new moon they really look alot better and normal too!!! can’t wait til november!!!!

  18. i love new moon new moons director did it better

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