Rachelle: Jackson and the Fach speak on it…

thanks to twilightmoms (and mtv… by the way, it was nice meeting you larry) we are able to hear what jackson and the fach have to say about rachelle’s departure.

PS. I JUST REALIZED THAT JACKSON CAN EAAASILY TURN ON AND OFF THAT SOUTHERN ACCENT OF HIS… unless he was just wtfkn with us during our “chat” with his band… awwwww – but check out that SMILE! GAAAHHHHHH aoweifhapwoeihfpawoeifhapwoefihaowehf!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

PS. P FACH – YOU ARE THE SHIIIIIIIET! he was the only cast member to stay at the meet and greet to finish up talking with the rest of the fans =) … ❤
Vodpod videos no longer available.


11 responses to “Rachelle: Jackson and the Fach speak on it…

  1. Damn! As MTV refuses to allow non US users to watch their videos (surely this should be stopped?) could someone please tell me what they said…in short anyway 🙂

  2. o the dilf,he’s such a sweetheart. and u know who rathbone kinda reminds me of? that dude from scary movie that kinda resembles johnny depp

  3. wait skeet ulrich there u go!

  4. P Fach has some guns! He looks so much better nonCarlisled.

  5. he’s got anothe rbaby on the way!!! (the fach that is…) damn you jackson and that smile – GAH

    • i agree, girl! THE SMILE sends me over the edge! *swoooon*

    • p.s. HOORAY for p fach and jennie garth having another baby! gaaahh. their little girls are so adorable, and p fach and jennie always look truly happy to be with one another. on a selfish note: i wish i was rollin’ in dough so i could have more babies too. daycare is a KILLER, man. sometimes i feel like i work JUST to pay the daycare bill…lol

    • ok, i can’t help it. i have to post this because this pic of peter and his daugther is toooo cute!!

      k i’m done. i swear. haha.

  6. No yoshi I can see the vids…I just can’t play them cause I live outside the US and it’s restricted to US territory. Was just wondering what they said about Rachelle but I guess it was something along the lines of missing her, big loss, such a shock etc

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