My Very Own Edward

Ok, so at 2:15 am I was laying in bed trying to sleep but I couldn’t… arrgghh, insomnia’s such a bitch! Anyways, so I get my laptop and start browsing the internet, making my rounds with w/ my favorite blogs and fashion sites. Right when I about to doze off, I end up stumbling upon’s “Give Your Man A Hollywood Makeover” feature… with none other than my boo, RPatz listed as one of the “classic Hollywood hunks” & of course, my eyes pop back open…

Picture 7

Soooooo, right away I start digging thru my archives in search for the perfect pic of Bam to upload. I find one and start following the easy steps and VOILA… I made over my man with Edward Cullen’s signature locks, hahahahahahaha!!! (BTW… Bam is soooooo gonna kill me if he sees that I put this up on here oh and before you ask, NO we don’t always go walkin’ around w/ a name stickers on, lol.)


This had to have been THE most fun I’ve had on the internet in a looooong time… which goes to show how much of a Loser I am with a capital L. But I swear, you’ll get as addicted as I did and end up w/ a pic like this….


hahahahaha… I just had to do it!!! Don’t front, I know all of you are swooning over my Edward-do!!!

Peep the rest of my do’s after the jump…

my looks

Click HERE to makeover you & your man. Be sure to send us your pics!!!!!


5 responses to “My Very Own Edward


  2. omg. bam. lmao. has he made u sleep on the couch yet?

  3. lmfao!! ohhhh lawn, i love you!

  4. lmfaooo he is going to kill you when he sees this! but this is awesome!!!

  5. the middle bottom one is my fave

    u should seriously think about cutting ur hair.

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