Twilight X Etsy

Etsy is probably one of my favorite websites, I could seriously get lost in it for hours.

So naturally, I decided to pair up my favorite thing to see what I could find. It was pretty interesting to say the least.
There was 600+ pages of Twilight related items…

Jacob’s Wolf Fang
” I knew instantly that it was Jacobs wolf fang!”
oh my.

Renesmee’s Locket
I actually like this item…I’d totally rock it.

Cullen Crest Earrings
Cute….but not for me, a little too cheesy.

Lion & Lamb Pouches
I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE these!!!!

Jasper Soap
the ONLY way I’d be buying this if it meant Jackson would wash me down with it.

Vampire Fangs Necklace
I really like this necklace.

Twilight Inspired Tutu
I don’t really get the correlation…but I REALLY want it.

Oh the magical world of Etsy….some of the stuff was pretty cool, and the rest was sorta corny.

But this definitely wins for the creepiest handmade Twilight thing ever…..


4 responses to “Twilight X Etsy

  1. I love the vampire fangs necklace and the lion and the lamb pouches! They actually look legit. I don’t know about that tutu tho, haha!

  2. oooo i love the tutu :). perhaps it’s because i used to dance. but, i have a thing for tutus, period. they look pretty stellar with a cute tank and a pair of heels :). think: tilly and the wall. those ladies always look bangin’ and they frequently rock tutus at their shows.

    anyway, etsy is my favorite indie shopping website too! i’ve spent gobs of money there. eeep. definitely worth it though.

    uhh. the womb. makes me want to vomit. that’s creeptastic, hardcore. hahaha!

  3. I own that exact locket. Plus que Mi Propre Vie. It’s tight.

  4. Have you ever bought from EssenceofTwilight on Etsy?? OMG.. their lotions are great! They smell sooo much like what the books describe. Lots of us girls love them!! 🙂 We’ve teamed up with them a few times too and they’ve offered discounts to our readers!:)

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