Twilight Invades the Bay Area!

Come party with the Wessyde ladies of, August 15, 2009 at the 111 Minna Art Gallery in SF!
We wanna meet YOU! So leave the screaming tweens at home and watch Twilight with the grown and sexy 21+. Seating is limited so arrive early and enjoy bloody drink specials over the sounds of DJ Izzace, along with free giveaways from Hellz Bellz, 5andaDime, and Adapt Clothing. Then, boogie the rest of the night away with Boogie Events Co.
You already know how WTForks?! gets down with the Twilight get-down on the daily, so just imagine what it’s like under the influence! Don’t be a stupid lamb, see you there!

And don’t forget to visit: Hellz Bellz, Boogie Events Co., 5andaDime, and Adapt Clothing for that good-good.


14 responses to “Twilight Invades the Bay Area!

  1. my timing sucks! will be out of town that weekend. blah.

  2. Squee! If I can snag a sitter for my little man, I plan on driving out from phoenix. I need a lil break anyway. Any hotel recommendations, something close to the event?

  3. D’oh!! This sounds uberfun! Why did I move away from California again?! Boo hiss.

  4. Man, I am even going to be in the semi area for this. There is no way the hubby would let me go while on vacation tho. Also, I don’t think any of my central valley friends would want to go with me. Of coarse now that I have said that one of them is going to say “I totally would have gone with you!”
    I will be thinking of WTForks while visiting Stockton.

    • Seriously know exactly how you feel! Me and the fam bam were vacationing in SoCal during their SD edition!! The mister said I could go. . but u kno how it goes.

      Anyway, I’m from Manteca and I’m mos def going to this one!!

  5. Damn it! I’m out of town that wkend! I love me some Minna though!

  6. Damn, I live in southern cali! Wish I could be there 🙂

  7. well this is booboo
    being 20 is such a tease
    not a teen but not old enough to do adult things

  8. i’m soooooooooo there!!! =)

  9. DUUUUDDDDEEEEE – i think you ALL should fly out here for the NY premiere =)

  10. daym! do you guys provide babysitter services!?!? hahaha, I need to find a babysitter pronto! I cannot miss this!

  11. succccks im stuck in LA i would love to be there 😦

  12. I am officially addicted to Robbert Patter–um, I mean Twilight and my homegirl sent me this link to your site! Anyway, I wanna go tomorrow!!! I have to find a sitter!! But yo, what a coincidence cause I love Hellzbellz and see that Miss Lawn is one of the whattheforks ladies! What a witty twilight blog ladies–love it!!

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