TwiCon 2009 Highlights – PART 2!

sorry, but i’m totally not going in order because there’s way too many photos and clips to sift through. anyway – so the following are photos from the national rifles and 100 monkeys sound check at twicon as well as their concert at the palladium (because i actually missed the twicon concert).

shot with jackson - do you see why i'm team jasper now??

shot with jackson - do you see why i'm team jasper now??

let me tell you about the national rifle. buddy (drummer), lanne (keyboard/cowbell/everything awesome), hugh (guitar/lead singer), jeremiah (crazy bassist) ARE ALL FKN AWSM!!!! their energies are so positive and their music so vibrant! nothing but good shit to say about these guys. they’re from philly so i’ll be going there to check them out soon =)

i also had the opportunity to meet the 100 monkeys band. uhm yea. not only are all of them totally hot, but they’re all fkn talented, and by talent i mean like they ALL play every instrument and are often switching up during the shows! COME ON! TELLLL ME it isn’t hot seeing jackson go from guitar to keyboard to lead singer to harmonica to drums?!?!?! GAHHHH!

100 monkeys et moi - oooh uncle larry

100 monkeys et moi - oooh uncle larry

the two bens are HOT and HILAR (and was it b graupner or b johnson that had the amazing voice? well they ALL could sang)!

and uncle larry… what can i say about uncle larry – he’s the SHIIIIT! he promised he’d make me some bbq the next time we meet.

jerad is a sweetheart and he’s such a great guy to chat with. sorry ladies, he’s married to a lovely gal that i had the chance to meet =)

and marty… OH MARTY. thanks for the head banging sesh.

last but not least jackson… uhm, yea. let’s not even go there – hahahaha! but if you’re reading this – don’t forget “the bull… you know, like bison.” i had fun meeting all of you guys and i’m glad jackson didn’t tire of seeing me almost 3 days in a row bahahahaha (i swear, i’m not a stalker). ANYWAY enjoy the pics!

OMG! duh! i met christian serratos too! she’s adorable =)

i can’t quite post some of the other exclusive pics yet, but i’ll be posting them shortly! and give you MORE deets on the stuff i was able to do with the reelzchannel heheheehe!

here’s a short clip of 100 monkey’s performance at the palladium

and here’s one from TAYLOR LAUTNER DAILY, adina came along with me to the shows and flipped out with her flip cam =)

IF JASPER HAD A BAND, WHAT WOULD IT BE? (p fach answers for him LOL) – thank you kaleb for the vid!



5 responses to “TwiCon 2009 Highlights – PART 2!

  1. “the last time that i slept with you was the last time that i slept…” schmexy.

    in all seriousness, sexiness aside, he has a great voice. i love a man who can play an instrument and sing.

    and LMAO @ the faces he makes at the end of the vid when he’s singing the “junky for your love” line. i think i guffawed and jizzed in my pants simultaneously watching that. hahahahaa. wow.

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  4. Okay, I have to say I’ve certainly always thought Jackson Rathbone was pretty cute (since the OC days when he was all about Kaitlin Cooper)…but haven’t given him much thought until I read your post and then he totally invaded my dreams last night–he was way taller though-I think he was well over 6’4″…I woke up and was like, awesome.

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