Shakira Joins the Pack

The beautiful Shakira has decided to channel her inner Quileute in her music video for her new single aptly titled, “She Wolf.”

My initial reaction after watching this (asides from “WTFuck is going on here?”) was “Holy shit is she flexible!”  Sure, she semi-swagga jacks Lady Gaga and Beyonce a little but I’m sure it wasn’t intentional so I’ll let it slide ‘cuz her nails remind me of Lawns and she’s rockin those Balmain joints I’ve been jockin. I have no idea what’s going on with her convulsing robot moves, or the fact that it looks like she’s dancing inside the stomach of a gay whale, but at least one of Jacob’s cousins makes a cameo towards the end. Your thoughts?


13 responses to “Shakira Joins the Pack

  1. dude…i LOVE this song! i like it better in spanish than i do in english…………but the video! oooooh man the video…i don’t get it! i hope to see some amazing big hair. i wanted more wolf, less squirming lol

  2. i *hoped to see more amazing big hair

  3. lmao! yah lemme give a disclaimer before i get stoned to death by some hardcore shakira fans – i love shakira … but i still have the “WTfuck?” look on my face after watching the vid lol

  4. *Watches comments carefully*

  5. misslawncullen

    “dancing inside the stomach of a gay whale” muuuhhahahaha… omg, she totally is!!!

    but seriously tho, her body is no joke. what i wouldn’t give to have her figure & what bam wouldn’t give for me to be that flexible, lol

  6. um…. i’m speechless! no not really… WTF was that? at first I thought it was a joke! her dancing is atrocious & i don’t even get the song, i mean i get what a she wolf is, but the song, the horrible dancing, the cage & yes the “dancing inside the stomach of a gay whale!” (lol) please… horrible!

  7. let’s hope summit doesn’t jump on this for Leah’s song!

  8. I definitely have the wtf look on my face too. We all know she’s super flexible, she shows us in all her videos. And most of her videos are nothing but her flopping around like that. (Note, her and Beyonces video together-that one cracks me up!!) Sorry to the Shakira fans, but my goodness, make a video not centered around the abnormal qualities of your skeleton. lol

  9. She kind of had a Teen Wolf thing going on with the jerky dancing (you know the dance they do @ the dance/prom?)… The whole thing seemed like a Mad TV skit instead of a real video…

    I need to listen to the song without the video I think b/c the WTF’ness of the video make the howling portion of the song even more cornball.

  10. well i loved it…

  11. actually shakira has been all these repetative dance moves way before beyonce even released a solo album and way b4 gaga too… chek out her old live and off the record dvd tour …. she hardly has to ever copy anyone.. she is so damn hot it should be outlawed! Britney spears must be so jealous right now!

  12. o no i was referring to more of her outfits and swag not so much the dancing ‘cuz i think shakira was dancing straight out the womb lol.

  13. sorry, I hadn’t caught the cameo! can you please tell me where??? thanks!

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