She found her Edward Cullen.

I just wanted to say – WAAAH.

One of me and The Mayor’s dearest friends (and best MUA this side of the Mississippi) is leaving me and moving to San Deezy with her new fiance (congrats again mama!). Tonight was her going away party and I couldn’t even look at her face for more than 30 seconds for fear that my emo ass might start crying.

Anyway, take a look at what one of her friends got her as a little going-away gift. What a pal!


'Cuz Edward Cullen will always have a spot in every girls heart.

I’ll miss you Tee! Take care and wow ’em in SoCal like I know you will. P.S. Sorry if you don’t like this picture of yourself, but you should know that anything Twilight related is going on the blog!


One response to “She found her Edward Cullen.

  1. oh abi, i will miss you. =) thanks for the blog. and i dont care if i look like i dipped my face in a bucket of greasy goodness. lol. i was ecstatic.

    love you and thanks again for coming.

    rach, i shall see u sooner than later. love you.

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