I love this clip of Rob checkin’ Kristen during one of their interviews at Comic Con in San Diego… at the 3:35 mark Rob let’s her have it, hilarious!!!

I think I’m into him even more after watching this, haha


6 responses to “SHUT UP!

  1. That is too funny! You can tell they all have such great chemistry together.

  2. ahhhh! i love it! it made rob seem like a real human being to me! haha we would get along great, i’m sure. (even if it is only in my dreams! hehe)

  3. “Shut up!” ❤ I think Im in love x100000

  4. misshighyellow

    LOL kristen just got OWNED!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    cnt stand her anyways…she was being a lil rude.

  5. It’s nice to see them being human…stumbling over words…losing their train of thought…and getting p/o-ed when someone won’t shut the hell up when they’re trying to get a point across! Too cute 🙂

  6. That is hilarious! She was being a little rude, wtf is up with her acting crazy?

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