Twicon Updates 07/31

Check this post for Jess’ Twicon updates from today’s happenings!

just bought these from Scarlette Apple Designs!!! HOW CUTE!

@momof3crazykids snapped this flic of Jess as she was doin her thaaang.  how cute is she with her blue flower! 


and here she is with Christian Serranos!     gosh she’s so pretty.  and what do they talk about?  FASHION, OF COURSE!


check out this girl with Twilight body paint!  dope!



check out these fakey fangs that look HELLA REAL. damn girl. 



7 responses to “Twicon Updates 07/31

  1. brownie points for the flower in the hair! that’s probably my favorite accessory ever. that and twilight inspired jewelry ;). haha.


  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! lucky girl!!

  3. aahhh i wanna c the interviews!!

  4. dude. i wish i hadn’t thrown away my fangs from last halloween when i wanted to be akasha from queen of the damned grrrr.

  5. LipsLikeSugar

    Christian Serranos? As in my favorite place to order a slice of pizza and actually have it delivered? Hmm….probably not. It’s Serratos! I think.
    ps…Yoshi your hair looks ADORABLE!

  6. Yaay Jess!! So cuuuute!!!

  7. OMG MY MOM PANTS MAKE MY ASS LOOK FLAT AND MY GUT LOOK UHM BIG, other way around please! lol

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