alright yall!  Jess is on her way to TX to cover Twicon for ReelzChannel.!!!!!     We couldnt be more jealous excited for her as she gets to rub elbows with the cast, do some interviews, and be a part of this epic event. 

Reelz has provided us with exclusive coverage points for our readers!   so make sure to check back here throught the weekend to get the live feed and the play by play of whats goin on at Twicon.

You’ll find the RSS feed for TWICON in the sidebar on the right.   =)  And dont forget to tune into Reelz for their coverage!    Cant wait to see Jess’ beautiful face on my TV!    FUCK YEAH! 

There are also going to be two LIVE 360 events exclusively on!  On Saturday, August 1 we will be live at the
Twilight Cast Autograph signings from 10:30-11:30am CST (central time)
and again during the Volturi Masquerade Ball from 8:30-9:30pm CST.


2 responses to “LIVE TWICON COVERAGE

  1. This i soooo exciting!!!

  2. ah how exciting! wish it was in houston, tx!!

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