Um helloooo, why haven’t I seen this before? Totally making this my homepage instead of the regular “Google,” ‘cuz who doesn’t want their searches “faster, and beautiful.”


And yall know I had to share the convo between me and The Mayor, that accompanied this finding. (She wasn’t playin when she said our daily convos are like this!)

[09:49] ab5: p.s. did we or anyone u’ve seen blog that twilight google cuz im bout to post it
[09:49] raaach: no i havent seen
[09:49] raaach: BLOG IT NOW
[09:49] ab5: k
[09:50] ab5: have u seen it though? lmao the home page is amazing
[09:50] ab5: hes staring at me
[09:51] raaach: no i havent
[09:51] raaach: not yet
[09:51] raaach: link me real quick
[09:51] ab5:
[09:52] raaach: gah gah GAH
[09:52] raaach: i just jizzed in my pants
[09:52] raaach: lol.
[09:52] ab5: hes looking at u too isnt he?
[09:52] raaach: i think he winked at me
[09:53] ab5: he did the little V to mouth thing and wiggled his tongue at me
[09:53] ab5: lmao
[09:53] ab5: oh edward ur soooo naughty
[09:53] raaach: LMAO
[09:53] raaach: haaaaa
[09:53] raaach: <——man laugh



8 responses to “Twoogle


    twilight and google together.

    my life is now complete.

  2. It’s very common. You can Google it.

  3. hahahaha you just HAD to include my man laugh. BETCH.

  4. “fast, beautiful search. Just like edward” VERY CLEVER MUAHAHAHAHAHA

    man laugh.

  6. ahahaahahahahhahahahahahahaha! i have to agree with yoshi on the V to the mouth! LMAO!

  7. That is freakin’ fantastic-and high-larious!

  8. It’s not quite as good, but I just saw that you can make New Moon, The Cullens or Edward, etc banners for your iGoogle too!

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