mat-sing mat-sing


Our fave duo has been spotted wearing matching lace around their wrists.    this leads us to the following assumptions.

1. they’re secretly together and this is the token of their love (think Angelina and Billy Bob’s vile of blood)
2. he spent the night w/ her and she gave it to him to remember her by (this one’s all Jess) couldnt she have just given him her panties tho?
3. maybe she used it to tie his wrist to the bed post?  *ahem*
4. maybe, she put it around his ding dang.  tied it around with her tongue like a cherry stem and shit. (yeah thats all Jess too)

WHATCHU GUYS THINK?  cuz we all know this is NOT just a coincidence.


10 responses to “mat-sing mat-sing

  1. Im going to go with number 3,lol.

  2. Several of the cast had them on at CC they are in honor of military loved ones being lost. Sorry to spoil the fantasy.

  3. I almost hope it’s #1.
    And if he starts sporting a red lace bracelet, you all should know that means he’s secretly seeing me:D

    [a girl can dream, right?!]

  4. number 4 number 4 number4 !!!!!

  5. LipsLikeSugar

    HAHAHA his ding dang!! Yessss!

  6. ahahahahah #4 FO SHO.

  7. fawk man … i was gonna go with 4!!

  8. ahh. they are military bracelets. thanks for the clear up! (but DAMN…thought we were onto something! LOL)

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