Add a little Fork into it

Lanie started reppin Team WTForks with some new fangs…I think it’s time we stepped it up and started rocking forks.

I’d rock these 90’s style with just one fork earring and a stud on the other side. hahahahah.

Girl Props $7.99

Gold Fork?! Yes please.

Alex & Chloe $36

Could these pass as apples? I wish!

Indie Luck $22

If anyone sees anymore fork pieces…holla! I’m all about it.


6 responses to “Add a little Fork into it

  1. i saw a spoon and knife charm on girlprops and was salty as hell that they didn’t have a fork wtf?

  2. i swear to god i commented this already and it didn’t show up. is that a sign that i should be working instead of commenting on twilight blogs? probably.

    ANYWAY. check out they’re the best for indie jewelry, accessories, clothes, furniture, ANYTHING.

    here are a few gems i found just by searching for “fork jewelry”.

    “my heart is in forks” earrings:

    fork earrings by alliteration:

    “twilight inspired tibeton silver forks earrings”:

    cheers! ❤ 🙂

  3. apples… just like my nails… they looked like cherries. but these just look like balls. HAHAHHAHA!

  4. we should totally make the 1 earring fork thing a trend! haha

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