thanks to everyone’s votes and support!   aaaahh!  we’ll see you guys in TEXAS!

How DooWa and The Mayor found out if Jess was goin to Twicon.  [the token Chinese girl is our girl Kris.  uve seen her before.. check her out!].

We got the BEST surprise today.  =)  p.s. the original song to this vid was Bebot – BEP. haha.

I LOOK LIKE ELTON JOHN BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO HIDE MY SCARS. SHUT UP! HAHAHHAHAHA! and this was taped 2 days after i got let out of the hospital… so yea, i knew for a while hehehehe -jess

(thanks TI for taping this off your camera LMAO)


50 responses to “D-Day

  1. Congrats Jess!!!!! U deserve it!! Have fun giiirrrrrlll!!!

  2. hahaha awesome vid, wouldve been good if t was BEBOT though. CONGRATS again jess, sorry i couldn’t pass the shirt on. Have a blast =)

  3. Wooooo congratz Jess!!!!!!


  5. Fuckin’ awesome. ’nuff said.

  6. Congratu-fuckin-lations Jess! WE FUCKIN DID IT!

  7. yyeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss! woot woot! this is so exciting! gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    p.s. i was showing my three year old son, sage, your entry video, and he said, “mama, she’s pretty!” tru dat, son, tru dat :). he has good taste in women! haha

  8. o yah jess my mom was watching the video (i dunno don’t ask) and she thinks ur pretty too and think about it, that’s POST accident when ur not even at ur fullest pretty potential lol. TWICON AIN’T READY!

  9. Yeah, so happy u won!

  10. thats hella awesome!!!! woot woot!! party!!!!

  11. what a cute video yall! and congrats to jess!

  12. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! heheheheeheheeh

  13. yayyy!!! Jessica! Congratulations for making it to Twi-Con! Well deserved!
    P.S. loveeeeeeeee the video!

  14. LOL haha this video is so dope. CONGRATS JESS!! I never voted so much in my life but it was well worth it. Have fun in Dallas!!

  15. woooottt.


  17. O….M….G!!!! Jess, you’re too awesome and I can’t wait to see what’s next! Love you lots! And hi Betsy =) You’re awesome too! GO Jess!

    -WTForks? Fan

  18. Congrats Jess! *spanks Jess’ booty (NH)* Now go get ’em!

  19. CONGRATS!!! Welcome to Texas! At least for a couple of days. 🙂

  20. Congrats!! Have fun!

  21. †ωσℓƒ.ρα¢к†

    Hurray Yoshi and congratulations!!!! Yippee…yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  22. AHHH!! as an avid fan and reader of WTF?! im so fucking stoked you’re going to TwiCon!! I know I voted more than 20 times a day! (i love the reFRESH button)…im glad someone with some style, fashion sense and an all around bad ASS is gonna rep for the older and savvy TwiTards!

    ❤ Nikki (L.A. grown)

  23. woooo congrats girl!!! thank god cuz i voted like a billion times lol

  24. OME! YAYYY! I know you’ll deliver all the goods! ahh i wanna go to twicon! please make out with robert for me and tell us all about it.

  25. awongphotography

    the video’s awesome too!! : )

  26. AGirlReckoning


  27. Congratulations from a fellow Pinay!!! I know you’ll do an awesome job at Twicon!

    super cute video! : )

  28. congrpattzulations! hahaha. so, is that why you need the flip?

  29. Congratulations JESS!

  30. dude. hahahhaa.. you look STUNNED that u won. lmao. as if we already tell you that you’d take it. pshhhh… lol.

    LOVE IT.

  31. woohoo! congrats jess!

  32. i almost cried when i saw this lmao JFK ALL THE WAY!!! CONGRATSSS JESS!

  33. misslawncullen

    gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! you’re going to twi-con!!! bring me w/ you

  34. um ok. y did i seriously almost get a lil teary eyed watching ur reelz video. ok i’m lying i did lol. as if i didn’t already know u won and shit. asdjfskljdfsdjfwio. the MOST excited for u! and don’t worry u don’t look like elton john. elvis yes. elton no lol. p.s. did u know wtforks is taking over the world?

    • HAHAHHAHA – YOU SAP! you’ll be happy to know that i have full face functionality. i can now smile hahahaha! omg – i COULD have looked like elvis if the plastic surgeon went ahead and closed up my cuts on my lip hahahahaha! WORLD DOMINATION

  35. LipsLikeSugar

    YAAAAY so excited for you! Congrats!! 🙂

  36. Best. News. Ever!

    I’m so happy that a Twi-blogger won!!!


  37. Congrats! Have lots of fun and can’t wait to hear more about it!

  38. gorillaintheroom


  39. Honolulu Girl

    You Go Girl!!!!!! Whooo hoooo!

  40. This is so great! She’s a great girl. I wish her the best. Make is proud and get US all the juicy GOSSIP on ALL things of TWILight…

    Im Waiting.. BRING IT soon Girl..

  41. whoo hoo! Congrats! I voted for you but just recently found your site! Have fun at TwiCon 🙂 represent us well!!!! You cud doooo it!

  42. Jessyface! I know you told me about this at your house, but watching it totally brought tears to my eyes! I’m such a spazzz… I love you momma! You deserve this!

  43. Congratulations! x

  44. many congratulations!!


  46. Thomas Williams

    CHANGED MY MIND!!! i LOVEEEE twilight!!!!! edward cullen have my babies!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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