If you watch the end of this interview, you’ll find out where Nikki’s been hiding this entire time (and no not in R. Pat’z hotel room as previously rumored). Look at the dynamic between Nikki and Kellan once he busts her out it’s so cute. You can also sense just how close the cast really is contrary to popular belief.  Thanks to our super intern T.I. Jane for the heads up!

(Click pic to watch actual interview)


10 responses to “BUSTED!

  1. HEY! I sent the video threw twitter! hahahah. You just read Nikki’s mind: “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”

  2. LOL yes, the video was sent to @whattheforks and i passed it on as i said i would hehe

    nikki…you are SO BUSTED!

  3. u guys read the rumor about WHY she was in Greece? She’s supposedly dating Paris Hilton’s ex… his name is Paris…. wth… ahha.

  4. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyup! i read that. totally was like o.O and saw a picture of them together. craaaaaazyyyyy

    • yeah and of course their hands were covered so now we’ll never know if they were holding hands… not that it mattered. BUT STILL! it would have made a stronger impact on me if they were. lol.

  5. hahaha well…her guilty face TOTALLY proves SOMETHING haha

  6. misslawncullen

    i heard a while back that she was dating that Paris dude… the same Paris dude that was engaged to Paris Hilton. Anyways, he’s greek so that’s prolly why she was there.

  7. Is it just me or do they really just seem so cool and chill, I love it! Not stuck and snobby like some actors out there. I love the Twilight saga crew.

  8. Rachelle quoted Star Wars and did a Jedi mind trick on the reporter!! I ♥ Rachelle! Why Summit why are you replace her???

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