WTFun Night!!!

We wanna thank everyone who came out last friday to our first Twi-Movie night w/ Hellz and 5&aDime. I had a blast hangin’ with all of you, squealing at all the  Edward scenes, and laughing my ass off at the uncomfortable meadow scene. But my favorite part of the evening was Twilight Jeopardy… ya’ll really know your shit!!!

Along w/ poster, DVD and soundtrack giveaways for the Twi-Jeopard winners, they also got their hands on a super limited tee… and for those who didn’t win or couldn’t make it out to the event and love vampires which I know you do… you can visit 5& to cop your very own WTF?! x Hellz tee …

… and send us a pic of you rockin’ it!!!




Look out SF where comin’ for yah next!!!


14 responses to “WTFun Night!!!

  1. im soooooo coppin a tee. SF?!! WHATTT?!!! AHHHH!!! HOLLLLLA!!

  2. ohhkkkaaayy… lawn let the cat out of the bag. lol. SF STAY READY!

  3. i love that pic at the end it kinda looks like a wtforks army haha

  4. Ahhhhh I’m so getting this tee ASAP; like when I get home?! 😀 thanks miss lawn


  6. that pic at the end is sooooooooooooooooooooo bad ass! i wish i had the money to throw a party like this in chicago!

  7. WTF coming to Bay Area!!?!??!?!! HElllllllllllllllz fuckin’ yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  8. I want the jones soda!!!! for realz

  9. me and my lifesize edward cut out will be there whether you like it or not!

  10. Awwh, how come I can’t see the last picture? :O

  11. i really wih i coulda made it. any plans for another?

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