i am the coolest.

cuz i’m staying home on a Saturday night and would rather blog than go out.  lol.   but its ok, cuz my cousin Tat put me on to The Lion and the Lamb.

Think Midnight Sun..   a Twilight fan took it upon himself to create a story based on Edward’s perspective and I”m kind of in love and have vowed not to leave the house until i’ve completed it.  lol.  so, for the rest of you who, like me, have no life on a Saturday…  ENJOY.

[snippet from chapter 1]

Do you suppose he’ll actually go with us today?

Carlisle threatened him if he didn’t. The humans will grow suspicious. Besides, if he misses too many days he could get expelled.

Then maybe he shouldn’t go. I would think that not having to spend another day in a classroom would be worth risking expulsion.

Rosalie, you know that wouldn’t help matters.

I don’t think it would do Edward, or any of us, much harm never to have to sit through another dull lecture about the ramifications of World War II on international politics.

Remember about 20 years ago when I had to convince Jasper not to kill that ignorant teacher who went on about the lack of morals found in confederate soldiers?

Maybe we could convince Esme to say we are home schooled the next time we move.

I wish there wasn’t a law requiring us to be in school. I hate pretending to be this young.

If Edward gets expelled then I’m dropping out. I’ve already got four diplomas.

I keep waiting for Alice to see something.

Maybe he shouldn’t go back. I’ve never seen him so worked up over a human. What if he can’t resist?

I’ve hunted with him every day this week. If he can’t resist after that, then that’s his problem.

You mean our problem. If he can’t resist…then…

Similar conversations have been going on for nearly a week now, driving me to the brink of my own sanity. It’s unfathomable to me that my family doubts my ability to resist the human girl’s blood. I’ve always been one of the strongest in the family. It has been years since I drank from a human. And to think that I naively imagined I could ever be as competent as Carlisle is with his self-control, as if I could develop an immunity to the scent of human blood. That idea was soundly crushed with the arrival of Isabella Swan.

It’s maddening, embarrassing even to consider how one insignificant little girl could alter my life by simply walking into a room and sitting next to me. It was as if the Devil himself had set a trap for me, and the dark haired child with the deliciously potent blood was the bait. I had called on every ounce of my strength to keep from taking what I so desperately desired from her right there in that classroom full of unsuspecting children. I’m lucky…she is lucky that I haven’t tasted human blood in so long that I could only just manage to get away from her.

And yet the damage was done. My family now knows she affects me in ways no mortal ever has. They know I can break, that my self-control isn’t as perfect as I profess it to be. Worst of all, they doubt my ability to protect this family from human suspicion by keeping my thirst for her blood in check. Their privacy and security are at risk by my very actions.

read the rest of it here. its literary crack for those of us who always want more more more Twilight.  =)


4 responses to “i am the coolest.

  1. omg! thats so good.. Going there right now and not leaving

    Thank you for sharing this =)

  2. wow, that first chapter was good and the fact that s.meyer even gave a review on it is pretty awesome too.

  3. alphie! she’s one of the creators of Twilight Lexicon, right?
    i’ve been looking for that story for forever. lol

  4. WOW! Thanks, I was so bummbed that midnight sun was never finished, at least this one goes further…can’t wait to read it!

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