Team Switzerland

We thought this TGIForks pic was so awesome it deserved its own post. Now that’s what we call a WTFly reader. Can’t be mad at the creativity but mad that we didn’t think of it first. Thanks Apple!



10 responses to “Team Switzerland

  1. hahaha gosh that was quick. ill b rockin it when i go c twilight in november. theres also the wtf logo on the sleeve. i totally love this blog.

  2. oh yeh i forgot, credit to the artist BJ of Sneakpreview Customs for putting my idea on a shirt.

    • send me one!!! lol! i can wear that for a “special event” coming up if you know what i meaaaaannnn *wink wink (shhhhhhh!)

      • yeh totally whats ur size? i need to get it made, it’ll prolly take a wk & then like 2 wks to get to u. so its ur choice yoshi LOL. plus i can prolly get ur name on it too.

      • let me know asap cos i can get it to u by wed or thurs by courier.

  3. this tee was soooo fun to do…. thank you for the post…and thanks to apple for the collab idea!!

  4. im team edward all the way btw i just thought it would look cool if it was edward and jacob throwing up the “w” =).

  5. I want this shirt, too! I’d sport it EVERYWHERE.

    Team WTForks, fo sho! 😀

  6. i think we need some what the forks tanks and tees. we should also get shirts with our names on the back hehe

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