So first they let us get a taste of Edward Cullen’s cream, and now we can play with Jacob Black. I swear the merchandizing Gods are secretly monitoring WTForks, ‘cuz although slowly and indirectly – our prayers are being answered one by one. (Let’s hope they get that one request where Taylor Lautner magically turns 25 overnight.)

OK so you already know I’m Team Edward but really? Team Jacob wins the battle of the action figures. Why is even his doll fine? OMG who am I right now? God bless you Comic Con, I’m preparing my Barbies for the gang-bang as we speak.

Oh, and I guess I should share this version of the doll too.

Why does he look kinda like Will Demps though?


8 responses to “PLAY WITH JACOB BLACK.

  1. u think i could make it vibrate?

  2. RACHEL TAN BRITO! just when i think i’m being inappropriate u always let me know its ok lol.

    omg todays headline, popular female vibrator, the rabbit is replaced by THE WOLF

  3. Or even better…make him LIFE-size??

  4. hahahahahahahaha THE WOLF!

    and LIFE SIZE?


    okay, don’t these people realize how much money they could be making by making things for the older crowd?

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  6. i wonder if he’s like the ken dolls and has no wee wee… can we take the pants off too????

  7. Where does the line form so i can get one??

    Can they make it growl??!!!!

  8. define “play”, lmao:D

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