can i be any more JELLY of MissLawn right now that she’s at Comicon?  not only did she get to see Johnny Depp, but she also got to see our favorites strut their shit at panel.

and for the rest of us who DIDNT GET TO BUY OUR TICKET IN TIME (can u tell i’m a little bitter), we have to watch this shit on youtube, instead of live.  here u go.

Asked for the one “Twilight” question they hope to never answer again, Lautner knew his answer immediately. “To growl. I’m asked that by a lot by fans, and I don’t like doing that,” he said. “So, fans, please don’t ask me that. Wait for the movie.” Pattinson’s least favorite question? “What’s it like kissing Taylor Lautner?” he grinned.


5 responses to “comicFUCKINcon

  1. once he is 18 i will comment on the growling…

    until then, no comment. LOL

  2. OH! and i can’t believe that one guy was ballsy enough to ask them if they had off screen chemistry too! i feel bad for both kstew and rpattz for that.

  3. Ugh…damnit….I wish I could’ve watched the live feed…ET failed on me. I’m stuck here at work – on a constant update of tweetdeck on my phone to find out all the happenings…sick!

  4. I love how, in the first couple of seconds of the video, Kristen is mimicking Rob’s body language, hand to head! That has to be something significant to the Robsten rumor…

  5. youtube “new moon sneak peek”… =) theres 2 video footages from comic con!

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