no words are necessary.



14 responses to “*SIGH*

  1. Great photoshop… Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn!! Even some of the scences in Eclipse…

    *sigh* love that pic =)

  2. Holy.Crap.

  3. yup. the first time i saw this i had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

    so hot. i so wish it was me and rob too. LOL

  4. Sunshinekim77

    I just fell out my chair!!!!!

    If that were me i don’t think i would be able to control myself enough to do all that kissing and hugging romantic stuff. Even though i would want to. I would would rip into him like a grizzle bear on a cupcake!!

  5. dude all these fake pics of them up on each other are KILLING ME. gahhh.

  6. holy shit ! i wish that was real. thats so hot

  7. OOHHHHH HELL NO i deadass thought this was real! im tight like a butthole right now.. but still GREAT PIC

  8. Oh Mayor…how I thank you tremendously for making my night….Muchas Gracias.

  9. I love it. If only it were real. Um, Hello magazines! are you getting any ideas for a potential “Eclipse/Breaking Dawn” photoshoot?!

    And that sunkissed, “i just finished surfing” tan would look sexy as hell on Rob.

  10. O
    thank god for panty liners.

  11. Lmfaoooooo @ yoshi. U are cray cray!!!
    But oh my… Look at him. He looks delicious 😡 I’d tear that ass up…bwahaha

  12. her hand looks kinda scary

  13. *cries cuz it’s not me*

    pff, as if he’d ever look at me twice, lol.

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