tees are for suckers



9 responses to “tees are for suckers

  1. Man, I’d LOVE to go to something like this. Too bad CA is tad far from NJ. I hope you guys take lots of pictures because it sounds fucking awesome.

  2. hahah wish i cud go.. but i need to stay my ass in SF for now.. argg have fun ladies

  3. Count me in, soooo looking forward to it.

  4. I am soo sad I won’t be able to go b/c of Comic-con but I was hella excited when I went to the 5&adime shop to see the grahic tee that was going to be given away selling!! So I’ll have a piece of twilight and hellz with me 😀

  5. This doesn’t really apply to the post above, but check this shiz out…http://tinyurl.com/lo7ylf New action figures including shirtless New Moon Jacob 😉

  6. Can kids come? The fam bam’s on vacay in LA/SD and would love to be there!

  7. have fun tonight!

  8. We are already here!

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