Cream-Filled R. Patz

OK seriously, the folks at Blockbuster wrapped this one in a bow for me.  It’s so easy I won’t even bother with the smart remarks or hornball puns. But in case yall haven’t heard yet, Blockbuster has New Moon creme filled chocolates called “Hearts Desire.” And each heart shaped chocolate cums  (yeah I meant to do that) in a Jacob, Bella, or Edward wrapper.

So for anyone that’s been wondering how Edward’s (or Jacob’s or Bella’s) cream tastes, nows your chance. (sorry I just had to.)

P.S. I wonder if anyone actually googles “eat edward cullen” lol.



11 responses to “Cream-Filled R. Patz

  1. just because you said p.s. im gonna go google it 🙂


  2. lol audrey i just did too! safe to say “no,” u and me are the only two hahaha.

  3. OH MY…. *LOL* I guess it had to be done sometime…. Wouldn’t mind tryin’ em’ actually… an’ since you wondered, I did google ‘eat edward cullen’, but nuthin’ bad showed…. The worst was ‘edward cullen can eat my shorts’…. *LOL*

  4. Hahah i know i opened it and its like ” ill let rob pattinson eat my pants”?!? im pretty sure i typed in eat edward cullen! hah


  5. So . . . how much are they? LOL

  6. Krista McIntosh

    I wonder if they can be found in Canada yet. However, nothing really comes to my neck of the woods. 😦 <— my pout

  7. Oh man, that’s so bad it’s good. What were they thinking? LOL!

  8. i would totally risk having an enormous tooth ache to eat one of these. i would be in pain for a good half hour, but i don’t care. sometimes ya just gotta sacrafiiiiice! lol

  9. cream on the inside, clean on the outside.

  10. You nasty nasty girl….reason #106 – why I love WTF?! You girls are keepin’ it real…

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