I get a text from my girl ReNESSme the other day talkin ’bout how she saw a book series called Vampirates, and I almost died. Naturally, the first thing that crosses my mind is this:


A bunch of Johnny Depps, and Orlando Blooms all grimey on deck with fangs and shit? It’s the fucking best of both worlds and a damn good way to make up for that unattractive dracula dude he played in the Bram Stoker movie! But alas, I googled that bitch and ended up with this:

What a tease! But I guess not all vampire related literature can be aimed towards lusting cougars and horny tweens. If you have a little brother or sister however, this just might be their thing.  So peep it, you may actually like it! In the mean time, I’ll continue to day dream about who I’d like to see play a vampire on the big screen …


2 responses to “VAMPIRATES

  1. ahaha….i saw the book at Marshalls. LMAO! i swear…right when i saw the book i said to myself “Johnny? A Vampire?” (yes first name basis) hahaha

  2. Well it isn’t that bad of a book my little sister read it and then she got me to read and there is a little bit of romance in it but it isn’t full on “hey lets get married after we have been dating for almost 3 years so i can become a vampire and kiss a werewolf that i am in love with but not enough to stop me from becoming a vampire” yea obviously i hate twilight and love vampirates so maybe you can take the chance to read it

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