New-New Moon Pics!

Thank you USA Today for the eyecandy. Team Jacob this one’s for you. And I left it nice and big (that’s what she said) for your right click and save to desktop enjoyment.

Summit also released this behind the scenes movie still. Refresh my memory please, what scene could this possibly be from?


6 responses to “New-New Moon Pics!

  1. haha.
    the Alice & Bella reunion.
    right before they go to Italy to save Edward.

  2. this is when Bella & Jacob come back from his house after finding out Harry Clearwater dies & she finds Alice in her living room

  3. i can’t wait to see alice and jacob freak out about each others presence. haha

  4. YUP YUP This scene is when she sees Carlisle’s car and runs like a maniac inside the house only to find the lovely alice =D omggg i cant wait! this is EXACTLY how i pictured it ❤

  5. Ahhhhhhh I need to see this movie asap!!!

  6. OMFG AHHHHHH saving to my PHONE. jesus i love my team!!!!

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