heeeeyy now… go kellan!!!

Check out this footage from Twi-Tour Atlanta of Kellan doin’ push ups for the cougars in the audience & tell me that shit don’t remind you of some craze strip tease routine!!! I swore I saw those same moves at Thunder Down Under in Vegas…

go ‘head kellan…. work!!!


7 responses to “heeeeyy now… go kellan!!!

  1. wow! those are crazzzzzzy push ups! (and WHY was i not laying on the floor? hahaha)

  2. ::GULP::
    can i get him to do that for my bachelorette party?????? wooot wooooottttt!!!!! g’DAMN

  3. *wipes drool from chin*

    my goodness!!

    the things i would do that boy… 😉

  4. hahahahahahaha! was that supposed to be funny! i am fucking laughing my ass off

  5. just watched it again, hahahahaha
    WHY is it soooooo graceful?!?!

  6. “I saw those same moves at Thunder Down Under in Vegas…”

    Ummm… not that I have ever been to such a show (pause)…

    But dang if I did not think of a male stripper while watching that.

    (I just wanted to see how strong dude was – yeah, I was impressed – though I could do the same, lol)

    He knew what he was doing to (and for) those women… LOL!

    (And this REALLY makes me not regret any thoughts I had conveyed in that one post! 😉

    You gals are B-A-D!!!


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