before i begin with the usual WTFriday antics, i’d like to remind you all to VOTE VOTE VOTE for Jessica “Twicon is My Middle Name” Gueco.  the voting is SCARY CLOSE and we still need all of your efforts to send Jess to Twicon and rep WTF and all of you.   Please please PUHHHLEEAASSEE keep voting.

fuck work. vote Jess.

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** looks like voting has officially ended as of 12 pm EST.  thank you alll SOOO MUCH for your support!    tune in July 27th to see if Jess Wins!!!


while looking thru the 5165798437 pics on my comp, i thought it’d be interesting to see how many pics i could find with me or my friends throwin up the “W” and put it into a collage.   midway thru, i gave up, simply cuz i’m a camera whore and got tired of looking and looking and looking.    maybe this weekend i’ll try again.  lol.   but here’s one while i was chillin with the homies tryna paint The Rock red.

da kine 360



I look like shet today and forgot it was even Friday until I got to work. I drank Viet-nah-mee coffee this morning and my heartbeat and mind feel like this: akdjf;asdjflksjdf. But I gathered up enough attention span to post this throw back of me and my homie Serg at a birthday party shiiit 2, 3 years ago? Yaaaah back when throwing up the “W” actually stood for Wesssyde to me hahaha.



YOSHI: i’m baaaaaaack!!!! waiting for results!!!!

Photo 78

T.I. Jane is working HARD for WTF and for Jessica.  She’s voting her ass off!  are you?


haolepinogirl.  $10 on a mag?  aint nuthin to a boss!

haolepinogirl. $10 on a mag? aint nuthin to a boss!

<3 awna.

❤ awna.

That's a clean ass desktop wallpaper Kay!

That's a clean ass desktop wallpaper Kay!

LMAO Lauren!

LMAO Lauren!


5 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. i think my fingers are all but falling off from all of the voting. you are all soooo awesome for putting up with our constant “vote for jessica” pleads. (and for the twitter people…yes, the annoying tweets are over. hahaha thank you for RTing “#vote4jessica” and everything! you guys are awesome!)
    i’m actually going to go to a sporting event this weekend! i will spend a few hours away from my computer (with the 2 screens! yesssssss love it!) and i will go to a white sox game. haha

    enjoy your weekends! look out weekend! HERE I COMMMEEEE!


    • That’s how REAL EMOTION looks like. KStew should get some pointers from me, no?? hahahaha Hope you’re feeling much better!

  3. Haha thanks; I’m gonna start doin a twilight shrine @ work…wallpaper first then all other 😀
    Yoshi ur healing pretty damn fast, who’s blood you’ve been drinking ?!

  4. Okay.


    I just had an “On Biting Pillows and Clawing Backs” moment due to one of these pics (I refuse to mention which one)!

    (And do not think for a SECOND that I feel bad about it with all of the talk that was going on in that post… LMAO!!!)

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