Harry VS Twilight

So with the release of the latest HP movie…once again the super fans have been let loose.  Putting on their striped tops and capes and drawing that little lightening bolt on their forehead.  Personally, it’s just not for me. You can hate on me for it, but I just can’t get down with that whole wizardry magic nonsense.

Now you are probably sitting here thinking, “WTForks?! She is obsessed with a vampire movie…and thinks HP is lame”

It’s true…it may seem odd to most considering I do love a story surrounding the vampire world. But for me it’s more about the love story that just happens to include some vamps in it. (and perhaps because I am an ex-goth)

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Do you think most Twi-Fans are anti HP? Or do you find that you like both? Why do you think one is better than the other?


12 responses to “Harry VS Twilight

  1. TeamJAKE - Mrs. Weasley

    Hi my name is Vickie and Im a Harry.Potter.FREAK. LOL my infatuation is no where near as intense as it is for Twilight. BUT i have read all the books and i DID flip out when the latest harry potter movie was released, ive already seen it twice.

    I cant wait for the final two movies to be released ALREADY in production =D

    and yes i wouldnt mind hanging out with the cast of Harry Potter. ‘specially Cedric Diggory of course lol 🙂

    and for some reason i have a thing for Ron Weasley -iono why.

  2. It’s been my experience that fans of Twilight are also fans of HP–I think it’s the whole fantasty world –if you can accept and love one, it’s easy to love the other.

    Now, I’m a huge freaky dork Harry Potter fan and a pretty dorky Twilight fan. I find I appreciate and enjoy Harry Potter more-I always hit the moviews on opening day. But for New Moon-I’ll go at some point during opening weekend-not as important for me.
    BUT, with the books-for both I devoured the new books the minute they came out. And, there is something about Twilight that makes me “obsess” a bit more-like I follow blogs, etc. I don’t do any of that for HP. So, my total nerdiness for both balances out somehow 🙂

  3. I love Harry Potter and Twilight. Both are very different but have cool characters.

  4. The HP are always entertaining but it will never reach the level of appreciation I have for Twilight. I could pass on reading the HP book.
    On the otherhand, i am grateful for HP. If Rob wasn’t Cedric Diggory, he probably wouldn’t be our Edward right now.

    And I’ll be sleasy for Ron Weasly anyday =P

  5. iiiiiiii’m kind of an anti-harry potter person. i have only read part of one of the books and parts of one of the movies.

    i was pretty much anti-twilight (gasp!) until i found myself oddly drawn to the books and had a serious urge to read them. i went to my sisters house and scavenged her house for twilight. once i read Twilight (in 2 days, mind you) i was hooooooooked. i was hooked after the first few chapters! i probably have chat record of the geekedoutness i was experiencing. hahaha

    so maybe if someone sat the harry potter books down in front of me and said “read” i probably would. actually i know i would because i’ve been trying to get my hands on them too, i just can’t afford to purchase anything but Twilight related things at this time. 🙂 (hahahaha)

    if anyone wants to lend me the books, i would be happy to borrow them. LOL

  6. I thought I loved Harry Potter…I didn’t know what LOVE was until I got into Twilight. My husband tries to make me feel bad because I didn’t even realize that the HP movie came out this week!

  7. gorillaintheroom

    I’m both a harry potter and twilight fan. I think hp’s story is more complex mostly because of all the history behind each character. LOVE the intense action scenes there, too.

    But I can’t help being obsessed with twilight because I LOVE love stories! i mean how perfect can it get? they live happily every after for FOREVER! the love scenes were more intense than the action scenes though… but who doesn’t like that? i definitely wasn’t bothered by it! 🙂

  8. I Love the Twilight Saga the most! I’m not crazy or nothing close to Harry Potter, but I watched the last movie and it was pretty cool. 🙂

  9. i have to say i love both. ive been following hp since the 1st book but with twilight i got sucked in to it which i am grateful for LOL. i only got into twilight early last year but im really obsessed with it now.

  10. I like both Twilight and Harry Potter, although from a strictly literary standpoint I think J.K. Rowling is a better writer than Stephenie Meyer (please, don’t shoot, it’s just an opinion.) I like both stories, although I was very loathe to read Twilight in the beginning, and put the book down a couple of times initially.

    A friend reminded me that Twilight is like literary Doritos, which are perfectly acceptable in moderation. That’s how I wound up being a Team Jacob semi-Twihard.


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