1 part douche and 2 parts sucking.

DUDE.  i. am. dying.

one of my girls, and avid WTF reader RENegade put me on to this Jimmy Fallon clip from last night’s show.  its fucking HILARIOUS.  can i just say that Jimmy Fallon is a genius!

Robert Pattinson vs Daniel Radcliffe. if only they were this funny in real life =)  my favorite parts from the clip?
Rob – “combine one part douche and 2 parts sucking and you got the harry potter movie. bothering.”
Dan – “ur skin sparkles in the sunlight!  it looks like something Elton John would wear in an encore.  call supercuts!”

haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAA.  watch this right nowwwwwwww.

[clearspring_widget title=”Robert Pattinson vs. Daniel Radcliffe (7/16/09)” wid=”4727a250e66f9723″ pid=”4a60a12c27404996″ width=”384″ height=”283″ domain=”widgets.nbc.com”]


4 responses to “1 part douche and 2 parts sucking.

  1. lmao “sex symbol BOOM” so using that from now on. oh so bothering. yah i’m gonna use that too.

  2. I could watch this shit all day. Was definitely a great way to start my morning. Happy WTFriday!

  3. lmfaooooo thats sooo funny!!!omg…

  4. okay not to hate on eddie…but have ya’ll seen this? i love it!

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