Comic-Con San Diego is SOLD OUT but thank god I managed to get my hand on tix for the New Moon panel on thursday!!! So you know I’ll be there reppin’ WTForks hard and getting good footage for all of you who were unable to get passes… BTW, I promise to not scream like a mad woman or have a shaky hand while recording the panel.

But anyways, for those of you who’ll be in San Diego for the convention, be sure to swing by 701 8th Ave (in Downtown) on Friday, July 24th at 7PM for the a movie night we put together w/ Hellz and 5&aDime. We’ll be projecting Twilight on a jumbo screen, grubbin’ on popcorn & candy apples and offering gift bags to include: tees by Hellz x WTF x 5&aDime to vamp up your style, Twilight dvd’s, soundtracks, & gift cards courtesy of Best Buy.


Bring a lawn chair & let’s watch Twilight for the millionth time!!!

Spread the word!!!!

21 responses to “TWI-MOVIE NIGHT… SEE YAH THERE!!!

  1. Omg I’m soooo mad I live in NY for once !!! Ughhhh that’s not fair!!!! Why can’t it be here?! Buuut ill make sure to post this on don’t trip blog & all the other blogs I do lmao

  2. i wish i could be there!!!! please print out my face and wear it on your shirts – k thanks

  3. stupid illinois. make sure you tweet and i will retweet! haha

  4. Aww damn, I’m hella kawawa!!

    Misslawn, throw a Bay extension of the party!! Rach & Doowa, convince her!!

  5. i’ll be at both comic con and the movie night. i heard about the movie night awhile back from jay (5&a dime).. and got all excited like a little girl.5&a dimexhellzxwtf=best collabo ever. lol.

    bummed i didn’t get my hands on tix for the special twilight screening though..

  6. coco don’t even triiiip we got u lol.

  7. Oooohwee, you got me all excited & shit.

  8. i love 5&ADIME !!! i’ll be there for sure

  9. Oh man i wish i could go!

  10. How exciting! I live in San Diego. I’ll be there for sure, and drag my poor husband. Is there a cover?

  11. i`ve been spreading the word πŸ˜€

  12. I will definitely be there!!! HOLLER!!! I need to get my hands on one of those TEES!!!

  13. active4fashion

    Ummm Hello!!! This is AWESOME!! Im there!

  14. I was about to say, “Dang, WTForks isn’t even going to the Con! The panel is going to be crazy!” Guess I was wrong! Maybe I’ll see Misslawn there :]

  15. ahhhhhh! i’m sooo bummed i won’t be in town :(.. i second the extension party por favor πŸ™‚

    ps. first time commentor here.. hi ladies! i LOVE wtforks?!!

  16. Hi Jazelle! welcome to wtforks πŸ˜€

  17. damn! I wish I could be thereee

  18. wwwwwttttfffffffffff. i’m shaking with jealousy. my face is going to explooooode!

    i don’t even live that far away (phoenix), and my brother lives in san diego. I COULD BE THERE. but not really. because work controls my life. slfjsdkjfhsdkjfhsdkjfhsdkjfhksjhuiehkjh *die work die*

    ok i’m done.

  19. A bunch of the cast are in LA for a magazine photo shoot today (21st). I guess it was all timed for those who will be in attendance for Comicon this weekend.

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