Kim Cullen?

I love Kim K. I really do. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and makes a cute couple with Reggie Bush. But having said that, this is as close to the Twilight franchise as I will allow her to get lol.

Makeup artist Troy Jensen created this look on Kim to accompany all the fall lines being premiered this summer. She herself, has dubbed it her “Twilight look.” What yall think? I think … I think … she looks like a fly Marilyn Manson lol.


9 responses to “Kim Cullen?

  1. She needs to stay away from Twilight! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kardashian fix, but she doesn’t belong. She’d probably want to be one the the wives…or Aro’s protector…NNOOO!!!

  2. did u just say a FLY MARILYN MANSON? hahahah and thats why i love you. and also why i believe WTF is the best blog ever. dont mind the fact that i write for WTF at all. lol.

  3. wow. yes. fly marilyn manson. i’m a little scared right now.

  4. I can’t blame her for wanting to be apart of the Twilight series. She looks hot in her “Twilight look” but if Kim is gonna have anything to do with the Twilight movies, please let it be in one of those spoof movies like Disaster movie or something.

  5. Where in the world did her eyebrows disappear to?

  6. So many make up lines are bringing out black or near-black lipsticks in their fall collections this year…

  7. Where are her eyebrows?

  8. No that’s my name!!!!!!

  9. I don’t think this is a great look for her. Take off the hair she looks like one of the coneheads with he eyebrows m.i.a.

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