told you i was down for the claws…

Last week our server nearly broke down from all the traffic we were getting from Doowa’s “On Biting Pillows and Clawing Backs” post. I told ya’ll I was down for the claws and I wasn’t kidding…

Photo 70

lol… just kidding (well not really but kinda)!!! i actually got clawed the fuck out by my lil’ puppy Minnie… that bitch! But tell me why did I automatically think of Jacob when I looked in the mirror?!

hahaha… just call me Misslawn Cougar


5 responses to “told you i was down for the claws…

  1. lawn! you fuckin hot shit!!! ommgg I fucking love this! lmao.

  2. Lmaooo I was about to say “whoa u get it in” as always everything comes back to twilight haha

  3. HAWT! this is AWESOME!!

  4. misslawncullen

    keep in mind i had to crop out everyone in the office staring at me in the corner.

    Bam was like, “Lawn, WTF are you doing?!”

    and I just replied, “Who me?! Oh nothing… just takin’ pics of my claw marks… don’t mind me”

    everyone officially thinks i’m crazy

  5. HAHA so funnyyyy, i get those looks too when i talk about twilight =\ blah

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