BITE, Las Vegas

One would think that a Las Vegas getaway would keep your mind off of Twilight, but I was wrong! The minute I touched down and set foot in the air tram, I look up and see a billboard that says “Bite – Topless Vampire Review.” Like damn, really? You won’t leave me alone will you, not even in Vegas?!

So naturally, when I get back home I Google that bitch. Basically, it’s a burlesque show at the Stratosphere where the Lord Vampire uses his coven of hot, topless vampires to search for a vampire queen all while dancing and doing acrobatic stunts to rock music.

Yes, it’s ridiculous, yes it’s cheesy, yes it’s cliche … and YES I’D STILL WATCH IT. 

They’re not as hot as the Twilight cast, but what can I say? I’m a sucker! Ba-dump-bump. BTW, how awesome would it be if one of the Cullen girls did the Pussy Cat Dolls review?!


2 responses to “BITE, Las Vegas

  1. they need to have a show with the real men of twilight in scantily clad undies! muahahahahaha

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