Yoshi being Yoshi

Of course Jess’ would tweet / twat this from her hospital bed… hahaha!!!

Picture 5

Gotta love her…


8 responses to “Yoshi being Yoshi

  1. I am glad she has her priorities straight — it’s what makes her a superstar. xoxo

  2. Could help but laugh at this when I first login this morning…lol… Get well Jess!

  3. Glad she is well enough and (her fingers/thumbs) are well enough to keep us updated!!

  4. LipsLikeSugar

    HAAAAA!!!! That is AWESOME!!!

  5. hospital beds are booooooring places to be [says i who was in one last week…] – i’m glad yoshi has tweeting (& and all of her twi-friends!) to keep her entertained… get better yoshi! you’ve gotta make it to twicon to represent us all!

  6. lily guillotine

    feel better, yoshi! you rock!

  7. i miss you jessicaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. glad she’s able to tweet. I’ve been at hospital some time ago. … I wasn’t able too..

    I thought I’d die because of nothing to do 🙂

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