YOSHI updates!!!

just got off the phone with Jess and i have a couple things to share with you all.

1)  she is now TIED for FIRST PLACE for the ReelzChannel TwiCon correspondant!    woot woot!  THANK YOU guys for keeping the voting going but we’re not done yet!     we need to step it up if we want her to win!  keep voting keep voting keep voting!  vote or dieeeee!!!     

2) she just received the cupcakes we sent over.  =)    [from Sugar Sweet Sunshine] do u see her?   alive and well and STILL REPPIN WTF in classic jessica fashion.   with cupcakes on her lap, nonetheless.     i gives a FUCK if she in a hospital gown she still FLY!!!!   


keep voting voting VOTING!  i promise her pretty face won’t disappoint for TwiCon!    THANK YOU ALL for ur love and support!


17 responses to “YOSHI updates!!!

  1. so now lawn has to make hellz hospital gowns too lol

  2. Oh Jess, you’re poor pretty face! Get well soon! I hope they gave you really good painkillers! Lol.

  3. Those cupcakes would definitely make me feel better. Bring some to Texas Yoshi!! 😉

  4. oh no =[
    Get better Yoshi so you report live from Twicon! =]

  5. best wishes for a speedy recovery – i know that you’ll look fab as the twicon correspondent! i’ve been voting!

  6. wishing u a speedy recovery yoshi. (=

  7. Man, that suuuuuucks! Hope you get well soon! I’ll keep voting for you, that should help with the recovery:)

  8. Get better soon Jess! Let us know if you need anything from us!

  9. Get better jess even though you are in the hospital you are still beautiful! love you


  10. ohh mannn poor babyyyy =/

  11. message from Yoshi! “1st thing i told paramedics in ambulance: “how bad is it? i have a TWICON event end of month!” looool srsly i KNO my face will heal in time”

    hahaha than’s our girl!

  12. AGirlReckoning

    feel better soon! 🙂 i am voting like a crazy person! 🙂

  13. Geeze girl you’ll do anything for votes :0) LOL – KIDDING! Sending you something you’ll love….watch e-mail!!!

  14. dude!! what happened?!

    i want cupcakes now…

  15. You go Jess….you still dope as ever. I gotta buy a cupcake now.

  16. I hope you feel better…there aren’t any dr. cullen look alikes are there, probably not 😦

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