hahahahaha!   doesnt he look like hes sayin, “WTForks u lookin at?!”   lol.   thanks Mars. love ya!


5 responses to “peek-a-BOO!

  1. OMFG rach! i laughed SO loud! i hope i didn’t wake up my parents!!


    Whoooooooooooooooooa! okay that was unexpected. hahahhaha.

  3. bahahahaaaaaa!!!!
    still dying over here!

  4. Oh gosh…tooo funny. that looks like one of those characters. I think it’s that new disney movie coming out with the hamsters. hahaha

  5. WTF!!!! Thank you for that i just had one hell of a 12hr work day and i was drinking and reading what else but wtforks and you guys i swear i was dying almost spilled my drink i was laughing so hard

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