Get Well Soon Yoshi!

Last night around midnight we  got a very scary text from Jess telling us she was hospitalized from a bike accident. From what I understand a biker in front of her collided with a jogger, and she crashed into them as well. Luckily no cars were involved. Her shoulder was hurt and her face is very badly cut up. I spoke to her again this morning and she is completely aware and able to communicate. So, on the upside she is alive, coherent, and she will be back to normal.
If you’d like to send her get well wishes, leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll forward them over to her.

Also don’t forget to keep voting for her because she will be back on her feet soon, and ready to take TwiCon by storm.

Vote Jess for TwiCon Correspondent !


25 responses to “Get Well Soon Yoshi!

  1. oh my god! we’re thinking about you, girl!

  2. oh no! please get better soon and wear a helmet and no more bikes all these accidents make me sad and upset and please get better and stay out of the sun we love you yoshi!

  3. HOLY CRAP!!! Please tell her that we hope she’s feeling better ASAP! Poor Yoshi! That really sucks. : (

  4. O M G poor yoshiiii! =[ I hope you get better soon my prayers and best wishes go out to you!

  5. love and prayers to you yoshi!! feel better soon

  6. can someone send me the deets on which hospital she’s at?

  7. Oh man! Poor Yoshi! Please keep us posted on her status. That just sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Feel Better Yoshi! I’ll be sending all my positive thoughts your way!

  9. LipsLikeSugar

    Awww poor girl!! Don’t forget to put Neosporin on your precious face so you don’t end up with scars. Get better soon 🙂

  10. hi yoshi – get better soon!!!!

  11. get well soon yoshi!! love you girl!

  12. Fell better soon Yoshi! I voted for you today!! 🙂 Be prepared for your stay in Texas, 100+ weather is starting here. 😛

  13. You think cause you got a few million people voting for you, you can lay down on the job. Well…WRONG. Get well and get ya butt back to work Girl. Luv u

  14. Jess, get well soon!!!

  15. Glad to hear you are o.k. G

  16. sorry to hear u got into an accident. take care of urself!

  17. Get Well Soon!! Hope your Dr is as smoking hot as Carlisle =0)

  18. Get Well…fingers crossed for the comp voting my ass off for ya girl 😉 Take Care sendin ya good vibes

  19. oh noooo!! i dont even know you but get well bebes….im praying for a speedy recovery…

  20. get well soon gurl! we be voting for you!

  21. omg more votes than normal coming your way, yoshi! get well soon!


  23. Get Well soon…i’m still voting!!

  24. While laying in your hospital bed, be thankful that your tubes aren’t shifting and Bella’s mom’s not all up in your face.

    And we at The League are thankful you are on your way to wellness b/c we need you representing us – the Twifans – at Twicon. Because no one else would have the balls to ask Rob if he is on Team Robsten.

    Be well.


    Spank and The League

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