It’s Time.

OMG I looooooove this, mostly ‘cuz it’s Alice and that line starts off one of my favorite scenes in the movie. And if I wasn’t off to Vegas this weekend to spend money I don’t have, this baseball tee would totally be on its way to my house as I type.

Get yours at Cafe Express!


3 responses to “It’s Time.

  1. See that’s what I love about WTF?! The odd stories no one notices and posts, the original thought and creativity you bring to the fandom about the series, yourselves and your viewers.

    I don’t remember where I found ya but I’ve been a reader for a long time, pre-twitter even. One thing among many that set you apart from other twi-related blogs is that you don’t constantly regurgitate the same mass media stuff that every other blog is compelled to post about.

    Love ya!
    Please don’t change!
    Vote for Jess and good luck to Jane!

    (Pardon typos, I didn’t get my nrgy snack today and running outta stamina.)

  2. awww all of us over here at wtforks are group hugging and feeling like proud parents over this post right now.

    we really appreciate your comment. i know we thank our readers all the time and it sounds a lil’ cliche and corny after a while but seriously, if no one read the blog duhhh we would’t be able to write it!

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